Champion Hall is OPEN

Quisalas StaffChampionAdmin posted Aug 4, 16

Attention Champions!

The new area in spawn is open to you and only to you.  The MCMetaverse Staff has been hard at work for weeks bringing together the best of our talent to create a space where Champions can hang out, enjoy their privilege, learn more about what they have earned, and have fun.  We've been very hush hush about what's going to be in Champ Hall but the wait is over!

Enjoy access to new permissions as well as enhancements to current features.  A lot of people have put a whole lot of effort into the Champion Hall but major credit goes to MrProtagonist, who provided guidance, the initial concept, and tons and tons of coding along the way.  The area was primarily built by dinopparQuisalas and EvilLittleThing did all they can to make everything come together to be just right.  Numerous Mods, Champs, and even a few Legends lended their playtesting and feedback as well.  Thank you all!

Change your Ride

You can select which type of horse will be summoned with the /ride command.  You can choose the horse using the signs in the stable at Champ hall.

Choose a pet

You can visit the Pokemon Breeder and get a new best friend!  Pets will follow you around, or you can make them stay.  You can choose what type of pet you get and rename them.  Use the /pet command for more options, like setting your pet to follow or stay or making them a baby.  When you sign off, the pet will no longer be there, but you can always get a new one from the Breeder. 

Have a drink and hang out

There are bars and lounge areas throughout the champion hall.  Chat up one of the NPCs or talk to your fellow Champions about how awesome it is being with the server long enough to attain your rank and how much there is to do even once you've achieved that milestone.

Inside the Champ Hall are many other areas including the casino that has high-stakes slots and table games.  Try your luck and see if you can win big!

Special Gentleman's Club

In the back of the casino is a special area set aside for relaxation and enjoyment of a more adult-orientated nature.  The stage is set and our resident Server Whore Jade will entice while bubbly Cristal provides distraction from her raised platform.  Soon to come will be an area where you can purchase and use recreational substances for an even better experience.  Also within the Titty Bar (as you will hear staff refer to it), you can visit the Head of Security to hire your own bodyguard, the MetaKnight.

As new things are implemented you may see Champ Hall change or be modified, but it will always be to make more great ways for you to enjoy your time on Metaverse.  If you have any recommendations or suggestions on what we can do and what we can add, submit a ticket.  You all know that we take your opinions to heart and do our very best to improve the server on a daily basis.

If you're not a Champion yet, don't worry.  We have stuff for you too!

Infernal Mobs and Herobrine are activated in Hyperverse and are making things generally awful.  If you decide to try your hand at Metaverse's Hardmode, use the /hyper command and make your way into the wilderness to set up a home, hunt down mobs, collect awesome loot, and try not to die.  Be warned: PVP is always enabled in hyperverse and griefing is allowed.  You still have the ability to claim your property to keep your chests safe, but everything else is fair game!  Trust no one.

~ Quisalas